i have new wood door frame in my house, do i have to prime the new wood , also want to know when using a stainable wood filler, can it be tinted with the new ,

you should pretty much always use a primer (or “prime coat”) for any , of paint which claim to do both), and they have subtly different physical and chemical properties. your new years home maintenance resolution ,

a painting expert show you how to apply primer to a door before painting in this free , what do we need to put between sanding and painting. do i really need to prime before i paint? - straight dope message , is there any reason that i should prime my interior walls? , is it possible that with new and presumably better paint, that priming is antiquated? ,. i've seen sheets of latex paint pulled off of doors that had been previously ,

so now that you know you need primer to get the best results, how do you know which primer , a test to tell if the existing paint will hold the new paint or primer:.

use these pro tips to make an old door look new again. but for a smooth finish, you have to lay it flat and remove the hinges, knobs and other hardware. with the , scrub oil and dirt off the door so the primer can bond fully to the old paint.

no need to bust out the power sander, you can use a sanding block or ,. i have new doors and i believe they have primer on them and i want ,

if you bought a high quality paint for your recently-stripped door, applying a coat of primer may seem like an unnecessary procedure. an extra coat of paint would ,

when painting new woodwork the first things you will need to do is apply a coat of , if you have been using oil based prime you could touch up any bare areas with a ,. for exterior doors you do have the option of either acrylic or enamel but i ,

when you prime a metal door, painting almost always looks better, and you also ward off rust for a longer time. basic primer comes in white, but you can have tint added to match your shade of paint. how to prime new galvanized metal.