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dear david you must mean laminated or engineered wood floor, laminates are vinyl. if and only if the floor has at least a 1/8" top veneer layer can you possibly sand ,

can you sand and refinish prefinished hardwood flooring?. there are two types of prefinished hardwood floors: solid wood, which is made of actual planks of real wood ,

costs. expectations. thorough examination of refinishing. older and newer prefinished floors. hand scraped, beveled. odors, dust and others are discussed.

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refinishing engineered hardwood floors , another key in determining whether or not your engineered floor can be refinished is the condition of the subfloor.

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the refinishing procedure for a prefinished floor is basically the same whether it was installed with glue or nails, but if it's the former, you may encounter ,

best answer: call a pro you will do more damage if you have no idea of what your doing , if you want them to match, you must sand both down, and the ,

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