while curing concrete, why do people cover it with plastic? while curing concrete, there's a trick you can use to prevent cracking. it's a way to avoid the fast drying which is so problematic.

should you cover concrete with plastic to help curing? ehow should you cover concrete with plastic to help curing?. freshly poured concrete requires five to seven days to properly harden, or cure. in the process, it gradually

black or clear plastic for cover? - the concrete producer i have a choice to carry either clear or black plastic for flatwork curing. which should i use and why? curing of concrete is a function of two things: moisture and

why cover concrete with plastic painting an aftermarket plastic bumper cover can be tricky mostly because of the waxy mold-release agents that are molded into the plastic. even if the bumper cover

concrete curing methods - water and membranes wet covering- curing concrete with wet covering is done after concrete has curing concrete with membrane or plastic sheeting is the most practical and efficient

concrete floor coverings: ways to cover concrete - the four ways to cover concrete floors: there are four ways to cover concrete. each of these provides a distinct look, with benefits and differences we will examine.

do i need to put plastic over a newly poured slab welcome to the doityourself forums! but my impression was that you cover with plastic to protect the concrete from rain or in hot weather when you need to mist it

how to cure concrete: 6 steps (with pictures) - wikihow edit article how to cure concrete. questions and answers. curing concrete is the term used for stopping freshly poured concrete from drying out too quickly..