if your roof is more than 20 years old and most of the shingles are damaged or badly worn, it's time to replace it. but if your roof is basically sound and is at a ,

how to replace a damaged roof shingle without changing entire section of roof.

how to replace damaged roof shingles. damaged shingles can seriously cut into the life of a roof. to keep your house secure, it's important to regularly ,

watch this video to learn about replacing a damaged asphalt roof shingle.

we had a wind storm recently blow off one shingle and damage 3 shingles on our garage. we had to replace them, and all the roofing companies said to d,

home improvement article about replacing missing or broken asphalt roof shingles.

remove those ugly damaged shingles and stop potential roof leaks by following this simple three-step shingle replacement process.

do-it-yourself roofing (diy) guide: we've pulled together all the resources you'll need to get the job done! , does your roof need repair or replacement? it is a ,

when asphalt shingles are loose or missing, you can easily replace and refasten them. and as long as you're on the roof, inspect the others close up, as well as ,

some roof problems are clearly for experts, but you should be able to fix minor leaks and broken shingles yourself. here are some diy roof tips, ,