fence type, supply, installation, total cost, cost (per linear ft) , cost per linear foot – when you're speaking with any fencing contractor, the measurements ,

expect to pay between $30 and $50 per hour for labor for several workers. for a 40-foot fence installation, total labor costs can run up to $1,000.

read general fencing installation prices, tips and get free fence estimates. costowl. wood fence installation costs $15-$25 per linear foot. vinyl fence ,

presuming you use cedar, a six-foot wood fence will cost $7 to $15 per linear foot if you install it yourself and roughly double that if a professional handles the job ,

get fence cost averages and compare prices of popular fencing types. for fencing on your project, the costs will vary according to the kind of fence you choose and the number of linear feet to be constructed. fence type, cost per foot.

then we will discount $1.00/per linear foot of the 2017 listed prices for you and your neighbours. no charge for post hole survey on any project with 4 or more ,

with professional installation: $8-$100+ per foot , with professional installation a rail fence can cost $8-$25 or more a foot, or $900-$3,000 for , can cost $3-$30 or more a linear foot, depending on type of wood, height of the fence and the ,

cost of fence installation vary from $15 per linear foot for standard 4' high chain link on 2-3/8” in diameter 16-gauge galvanized steel posts fence to $460 / ln. ft.