select an attachment through furring, wood structural panels (wsp) or directly applied through foam sheathing for the exterior wall covering assembly (figure 1).

classic. weathertex classic weatherboards are truly an australian classic. choose smooth or ruff-sawn surface finishes to create a clean, smart-looking home.

from brick to vinyl, diy network explains the different types of exterior wall , for example, a brick or stone wall provides structure and finish, but a wood frame ,

the resulting product is an altogether more durable and stable timber, an ideal cladding material for use in exposed areas such as external walls.

the natural appeal, versatility and strength of timber makes it the superior choice for external cladding. through specification, planning, design and finishing ,

rona carries supplies for your exterior wall cladding options projects. aluminum, cement fibre and wood fibre, and masonry products which include brick, ,

exterior wall finishes can produce significant savings for the contractor as well as for the , finishing exterior wood can make the difference for your project.

choosing the material for the exterior walls of your home is a personal choice. it's available in many different wood types and dates back to colonial times.

wood shingles and shakes: grades, installation details. details about wood shingle siding choices, installation, ,

(1) all weather-exposed surfaces must have a weather resistive barrier. such barrier must be of waterproof building paper or asphalt saturated felt. building ,