"the pallet fence" a good example of building with pallets. the sections are laid out where the fence will be. the first two sections are up.

after our pigs escaped the electric net fence again, we were seeking out better ways to fence them in. andy gale of bay area recycling for charities mentioned that ,

build a pallet fence by clay sawyer issue , untreated, stained, or painted to your preference, a pallet fence should last for many years, ,

pallet fence plans home page . you can find pallets for cheap or free and with our step-by-step plans you can build a great fence. pallets+plans+creative fun ,

this got me to thinking, why not make a real fence out of pallets? the pressure treated lumber posts (i am not going to go through all this trouble, ,

how to build a cheap but effective pasture fence out of pallets. this works best for small goats, sheep, poultry, etc. if you like our videos, please ,

make different designs on the tips of pallet fences to suit your style. use a claw hammer or pry bar to pull the nails out. build a pallet fence; self ,

if you have any ideas on how to make an attractive fence out of pallets, or any other inexpensive green building material for that matter, ,

it is a great idea to make a pallet fence and you can also paint it with any color , instead i would say this is the easiest thing you can build out of the pallets.