wood deck labor direct labor expenses to install wood decking. includes planning, job equipment and material acquisition, area preparation, setup and ,

cost to build a deck - summary of decking prices. vinyl, composite, wood deck prices comparison chart. deck building costs of labor and materials.

standard deck $5.00 sq/ft. standard stairs $7.00 sq/ft. standard railings $6.00 lin/ft. flat benches $10.00 lin/ft. bench with back $15.00 lin/ft. labor cost.

labor and installation costs account for nearly two-thirds of the final deck cost. that's the majority of your deck cost no matter what materials you choose-good ,

of all the factors that go into an estimate for building a deck, labor costs are by far the most difficult to determine. material pricing is easy: count ,

my husband is a handyman who agreed to build a 12` x 14` deck for a friend. the friend will buy materials so how much should he get for labor ,

today's question: how much did it cost to build your new outdoor deck? , labor for the deck cost $2400, and i paid an additional $150 to have ,

rich, i just finished a deck, not screened or covered, approx. 625 sq. feet. i did all the labor and so far it has cost $5800.so your bid sounds like ,

the labor for building a deck is about 10 dollars a square foot. the labor for building a deck ,. what is average cost per square foot to build a deck? of coarse it ,