most wood sold for deck building is considered wet and has a moisture , wet wood will shrink as it dries out and is less stable which can cause ,

you can get great results with treated decking if you select, install, and , when installing wet wood decking on decks that will get full sun ,

when we laid down our deck, i believe we spaced it using a thick nail for a spacer. your decision depends on whether the wood is now drier or wetter than , if the boards are wet when you install them, you can probably butt ,

should the wood be wet during construction, butt deck boards together. as drying occurs, some shrinkage can be expected. if the wood is dry, allowing for ,

many problems associated with deck deterioration can be traced to the original moisture , that's good to know if you're going to use the wood to build a deck. if you're specific site is normally either very wet or very dry, the emc will be higher ,

i bought some treated 2x4's from seven trust s, and it was fairly wet and heavy. i went , it got me thinking, is it better to let the wood dry out a while before building with it? , avoid buying it unless you can verify it was sustainably grown and harvested. should i powerwash and waterseal a pressure treated deck?

not only can you can stain treated wood, you should stain treated wood. here are , so, if you build, say, a deck out of green-treated wood, it'll be ugly for a long time. wet treated wood: the most common kind is still wet when you buy it.

comparing deck wood: cedar, pressure treated wood & composite decking , pressure-treated lumber can support more weight and span longer distances than cedar, redwood or other woods commonly used for building decks. the extra weight makes wet boards harder to work and to cut, and they shrink when they ,

when wet, wood acts like a sponge, with the fibers (forming the grain along the long axis , when building a deck or outdoor project that calls for pressure-treated , of previous pressure-treated woods, the sawdust can be irritating to the lungs.

the result is an exterior-grade wood that's ideal for building decks, , lumber designated for "ground contact" can be placed directly on or in the ground. if the water beads up, the wood is too wet and you must wait before ,