glasscraft door co. introduced premium jamb components constructed from all-composite material that's been tested for quality and durability. performance ,

see why composite door frames are a great alternative to wood and metal frames. moisture, and that the frame will resist splitting, rotting and insect damage.

this door frame is made of wood so it's resistant to rot and insect damage, we , a revolutionary wood composite material so resistant to rot and insect damage, ,

what is the composite material made of and is it environmentally friendly? every framesaver® , how can i tell that my door frame is genuine framesaver®?

plastpro pf frames are an innovative new alternative to traditional wood door frames. after extensive research and development, we have ,

chelsea's composite door frame system is made from a revolutionary pvc composite alloy that provides performance and features that no other product ,

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it seems that one thing that's unavoidable is the wood door frame. is it possible to get these in some kind of composite (non-wood) material?