hgtv seven trust 's kitchen flooring buying guide gives you expert tips with pictures around hardwood floors as well as other flooring types for your kitchen renovation.

have you had any nightmare disasters with wood floors in your kitchen? or is there a stone that you've used and loved? or maybe you have ,

we've taken out the guesswork and chosen four flooring types that make the most sense for kitchens, and we explain why they are ideal. hardwood flooring is ,

everybody ends up spending a lot of time there, and wood floors can add a great deal of "homeyness" to the kitchen. at the same time, wood is also good at ,

the party line is always: "don't install solid hardwood in kitchens." but is this really true?

that's why this high-traffic room needs a floor that can withstand ordinary wear. so you may wonder: does a wood floor belong in the kitchen? sure -- as long as ,

i have two labs and two young boys. i worry about the milk spills, , i'm a builder and i've installed wood and tile in kitchens. my wife and i put tile ,

overview: classic, warm, and natural-looking, wood floors are beautiful in the kitchen. because kitchens are high traffic areas, though, ,

wood floors in the kitchen - what do you think of this? we've been in many homes that have bare boards in the kitchen. we like the soft, cool ,

we see a lot of discussions about whether or not hardwood is an appropriate floor covering for a kitchen area with the potential for water always ,