information on how to create your own backyard vegetable garden. seedlings are tall enough, it's time to add a 4" - 6" blanket of mulch to cover the soil surrounding the plant. do not use landscape cloth or plastic sheeting beneath mulch.

because rocks are an inorganic mulch, they don't contribute to the soil, but on the , this causes root rot if you have plantings in the area covered by the plastic.

17+ backyard garden pond ideas - all sizes and budgets , i've collected ideas, ranging in size from small containers to very large ponds that cover all budgets and styles. stock tubs come in plastic and galvanized metal.

i am tired of weeding and i have seen people use black plastic between , it is not really necessary if you are a backyard type of gardener! , in the soil plant a cover crop between plastic rows or immediately after you raise the ,

all you have to do is till the soil, tilling in all the weeds and grass.. i cover up garden with black plastic painting sheet, throw old carpet, board, ,

the previous tenant put a ton of weed barrier cloth and black plastic , eventually dust and dirt will find their way between the stones and ,. but i cover the holes with used dryer sheets and use duck tape to tape them down.

i used to be ok with it, until i saw the soil compaction problems-seriously, , i'm told that i need to place the plastic down before covering with the rocks, otherwise ,

moisten the soil where you want to put the ground cover sheeting. black plastic ground cover keeps the soil underneath warmer, which enhances the growth ,

the method involves heating the soil by covering it with a clear plastic tarp for 4 to 6 weeks during a hot period of the year when the soil will receive the most ,

in our backyard, we have a forest that goes to about six feet from the house. getting rid of the black landscape plastic can be as bad as getting ,