we offer beautiful, non-toxic, eco-friendly flooring, made from sustainably harvested, recycled or reclaimed sources at a great price.

the truth about green flooring materials and how to choose the ideal environmentally-friendly floor.

as more and more designers are seeking out eco-friendly materials for their environmentally , i have assembled a guide of the most popular eco-flooring solutions, some are new, some are ,. going green inside the home.

if you need to replace your carpets or floors, choose materials that are safe for , installation of new carpet and flooring can fill the air with hundreds of volatile ,

history. before any flooring materials were invented, the ground itself served as the floor in buildings – perhaps covered with straw, waste products, or furs.

a list of the best value green flooring options which are available including a , these are the factors that affect a flooring material's impact on the environment.

no flooring product has zero impact on our planet, but some materials are better than others. this buyer's guide will help you choose the most ,

green guide for health care (gghc) criteria: construction: materials , the number and variety of sustainable flooring materials is in a state of flux with new ,

eco-friendly flooring is a great way to green your home. for one, it saves the expense of installing another flooring material, like wood or ,

sustainable flooring is produced from sustainable materials (and by a sustainable ,. (2008). consumer products and the environment: green labels and claims .